Whaleteq Oximeter Device Testing -PPG-2TF-660 Transmission SpO2 Module

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The ECG simulator designed for performance testing. Suitable for compliance and production line testing. Compliant with IEC 60601-2-25, IEC 60601-2-27, IEC 60601-2-47, ANSI / AAMI EC11, ANSI / AAMI EC13, YY1079, YY1139, YY0782, YY0885, JJG 760, JJG 1041, JJG 1042.

  • Single channel performance tester for diagnostic ECG, monitoring ECG and ambulatory ECG.
  • Built-in test circuits per defined in ECG standards.
  • Excellent shielding and grounding design makes amplitude and frequency accuracy < ± 1%.
  • DC offset and pacemaker signal output can be adjustable.
  • Load ECG file function enables to load and replay recorded or programmed waveforms.
  • Offer alternative input of external generator for arbitrary waveforms.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) assists user to develop customized or automated test software with less efforts.
  • Optional Standard Assistant software pack simplifies the medical standard with test sequences, options, parameters and pass criterions.