Providing quality medical care is a paramount mission of hospitals and clinics nowadays. Digitalization, in particular, helps effectively enhance efficiency of medical care, save time and money, reduce the burden on healthcare personnel, lower the risk of medical accidents, and ultimately boost patient satisfaction.

Digital transformation with benefits of improved efficiency and quality of patient services and care is sweeping the healthcare sector. Under the grand plan for digitization, ADLINK provides high-quality, medical-grade standard products (computing platforms, visualization systems, data connectivity devices) to customized solutions and full-custom products from scratch to transform digitized ORs, intensive care units (ICUs), emergency rooms (ERs) and digitized healthcare services.

Prospect of Healthcare Digitization

ADLINK is addressing the needs of healthcare digitization with a focus on the medical visualization chain from image acquisition, image analysis, image processing, all the way to digital data exchange and image display.


Diversified Healthcare Solutions

By implementing ADLINK’s technology leadership in embedded computing, AI, machine learning, secure data exchange, and robotics into healthcare solution platforms, ADLINK is becoming the first choice for medical device OEMs/ODMs by providing building block systems for ADLINK‘s medical embedded PC systems and monitors as well as customized hardware platforms, sub-systems and stand-alone products which are medically certified from board to system levels.