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Relentlessly reliable and secure wireless connectivity from Digi can make a big contribution to patient outcomes—and hospital operations.

Adding wireless capabilities to your medical devices makes critical patient information immediately available to caregivers and hospital systems. They can also improve billing accuracy, asset management, and maintenance.

Digi helps connect medical devices to help automate and remotely manage critical care systems whether in a hospital setting or in a patient’s home. Both new and existing devices can be easily networked to ensure that device monitoring and performance data are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. Digi’s broad array of connectivity solutions are well-suited for medical devices of all types.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring - Easily transmit data to and from devices and provide diagnostic services.

Equipment Reliability and Longevity – By connecting critical assets, Digi enables a new level of insight into hospital operations making it easier for medical staff to monitor and maintain critical equipment.

Enable Access to Remote Systems - Get real-time access to home health systems with easy-to-deploy cellular router solutions.

Accelerate Time to Market - Lower your device development time significantly with intelligent ARM-based systems and certified RF solutions.

Lower Operational Costs – Reduce maintenance and increase efficiencies by using wireless systems and sensors in remote locations.