Meriam has been trusted to provide accurate and precise measurement and calibration tools for over 100 years.  Their medical products are designed to couple form, fit and function. Making the day to day measurement needs of biomedical technicians easier, whether in the hospital or the lab.

Their digital manometers are designed to meet all needs including pressure or vacuum, wet or dry with a surplus of ranges and accuracies. Portable, easy to use and some offer mobile data logging for computer free measurement.

At Meriam, they believe “a measurement is only as good as its reference,” so they offer NIST certified manometers. Meriam devices are held to the highest traceability standards to ensure accuracy in every measurement.

Meriam offer a wide range of devices both above and below the 100-psi range. Their digital manometers are handheld and outfitted with a protective blue boot for medical professionals continuously on the move, in and between facilities.