Pacemaker Tester - External

Pacemaker Tester - External

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The EXPMT-2000 External Pacemaker Analyzer has evolved from the best selling EXPMT-100 Pacer Analyzer. It will test and verify all the functions of any external pacemaker including Transvenous, Transthoracic and A-V Sequential models.

The operation is menu driven via eight tactile keys and a large four line LCD display. Test measurements are simultaneously presented on the display. Five ECG snaps are standard along with an RS-232 serial port that allows for printing both a heading and test measurements on a separate serial printer. Information may also be sent to any Windows based handheld computer. The external test load has twelve user selectable loads from 100 to 1000 ohms for use with transcutaneous pacers.

The EXPMT 2000 with its new look, new features, new controls and new display combine to make it the easiest to use and the most comprehensive pacer analyzer available.  The EXPMT 2000 has been enabled to test all Medtronic pacers including the 5348 and the 5388.


• Easy to Use, Fast amp; Accurate
• Portable
• Dependable
• Large 4-line LCD Display
• 12 Selectable Test Loads
• 5 ECG Test Leads
• RS-232 Interface
• Print Key
• Accurate Tests
• Demand Sensitivity Tests
• Sensed and Paced Refactory
• 60 / 50 Immunity Tests
• Pulse Energy amp; A-V Interval


• Hard carry case (p/n: 301) 
• AC adapter (p/n: 302) 
• 2 Medtronic pacer cables (p/n: 908) 
• Load Box (p/n: 950-Load) 
• Insulated banana plugs (p/n: 6383-02) 

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