meriGauge® Plus Digital Gauge

meriGauge® Plus Digital Gauge

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meriGauge plus will replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges to achieve and maintain accuracy. The performance, durability, and design that you have become accustomed to having with other gauges but without the hassle or expense of needing multiple gauges to span ranges from vacuum to 3,000 PSI.

Always Accurate

  • Compound 0 % to 20 % of Range: ± (0.02 % of Full Scale) 20 % to 110 % of Range:± (0.1 % of Reading)
  • Vacuum*: ± (0.02 % of Full Scale) *Vacuum = -14.5 psi
  • Ranges 15 psi to 3 000 psi

Easy to Use

  • Icon based, simple buttons
  • Gauge works with all meriSense sensors
  • Portable or fixed installation

Easy to Read

  • Concisely displays more info at a glance
  • High visibility from a distance
  • Crisp digital readout in any or no light


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