M2004 Smart Digital Manometer  - M2004

M2004 Smart Digital Manometer - M2004

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Meriam’s M2004 Digital Calibrator is a portable pressure instrument that offers flexible features to help meet the demand of your everyday pressure measurement needs. The M2004 features NIST traceable accuracy ± 0.025 % of a Full-Scale standard on each device. Pressure sensors both non-isolated and isolated (316SS) measure absolute, differential, gauge/compound. The M2004 Series will be available in August 2018.

A significant benefit of the M2004 is its ability to measure a second pressure range with the addition of a Meriam tethered sensor (MTS). Choose from any available pressure sensor type and range and connect your accessory MTS via a locking tether cable. See our attached data sheet for available pressure ranges.

With an easy to use and intuitive interface, the M2004 offers fast and simple operation. Mobile data logging allows for computer-free use when measuring out in the field.

Add data Log Pro to expand on the M2004 data logging capabilities. Data Log Pro adds the ability to store up to 128 log files or 100,000 data points while also giving you the ability to modify data log options and settings.



• Damping to stabilize fluctuating pressure signals
• 6-digit display resolution
• MeriSuite CG software Lite installed
• Mobile Data Logging and computer configuration, calibration and a data logging application (app). No computer required while taking measurements.
• One fixed sensor and one optional interchangeable accessory sensor
• Backlight
• Leak test function
• Battery life display (0-100%)
• USB connection
• Protective Blue Boot
• Compound/Gauge, Absolute and Differential pressure sensors
• Wide variety of ranges available: -14.5 psi to 3000 psi
• Min/Max pressure capture and hold function
• RTD (Temperature) accessory sensor option class A PT 100 available
      • Temperature Accuracy – +/- 0.15 + .002 ltl C°
      • Measurement range of -50 C° to 250 C°



• Very low differential pressure measurement for ventilator instrument testing
• Sterilizer vacuum measurements
• Non-Invasive blood pressure instruments
• Medical gases testing
• Gas systems leak testing
• Pressure drop monitoring for filters
• Monitoring vacuum on condensers or pumps
• CPAP and BIPAP testing
• 316SS Compatible with most media
       • Liquids
       • Medical gases
       • Pharmaceuticals
       • Biological fluids
       • Sterilization agents
• Refrigeration units, freezers, incubators, cryogenics, therapy baths and lab baths (with RTD accessory probe)


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