Ken-a-Vision Multicharger 3 SCGN061U

Ken-a-Vision Multicharger 3 SCGN061U

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The MultiCharger 3 keeps all of our cordless microscopes fully-charged and ready for your classroom projects and assignments. Plug it into the wall power outlet, connect up to eight cordless USB microscopes and it will completely charge the batteries in the connected microscopes. The MultiCharger has a unique USB charging system that allows the user to charge their cordless microscopes via the USB ports. The MultiCharger is also compatible with any USB charging device (Apple and Android Tablets or Smart Phones.


  • Allows one electrical wall outlet to charge eight cordless USB microscopes for maximum usage.
  • Charge any USB device iPad, Smartphone, tablets ect.
  • Enables charging of microscopes while they are in storage


LxWxH 16" X 2.5" X1.75" (40.6cm X 6.4cm X 4.5cm)
Weight 2.5lbs / 1/13kg
Warranty 1 year

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