Edibon Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator

Edibon Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator

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The monitoring of a patient carries the most relevant information for a doctor to know how this patient is reacting to a certain treatment. This monitoring consists on the measurement of different biosignals to understand the physicochemical and physiological processes in the patient.

The Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator, "BIPBS", is a complete unit which allows the user to simulate the main Biosignals of a patient and to monitor them in a real multi-parameter patient monitor. It includes a patient simulator, which imitates the Biosignals that can be studied by the unit.

This unit is provided with a set of practical exercises, through which the user will understand the basic principles about the monitoring of a patient in a realistic clinical environment, as well as interpret the most important Biosignals patterns.

Allows the students to learn how to interpret and perform the most important biosignal measurements: Electrocardiography (ECG), Pulse oximetry (SpO2), Blood Pressure (BP) and Capnography (etCO2). The Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator ,“BIPBS”, includes:
• Patient simulator, a mannequin which mimics the above-mentioned biological signals (among others) by means of a controller software with different programmable scenarios of healthy and ill patients.
• Real Multi-parameter patient monitor to be connected to the mannequin for the real measurement of the simulated signals.
• Defibrillator, applies a certain amount of energy to the simulated heart whenever the patient simulator presents a fibrillating ECG in order to return to a normal ECG.

This simulator allows the users to change the Biosignals parameters and analyze its consequences, not on a real patient but under similar conditions

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