Digital Manometer - +/-0.25%FS (0.10% option) - M104

Digital Manometer - +/-0.25%FS (0.10% option) - M104

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The M104 Series of handheld manometers from Meriam Process Technologies combines form, fit and function to deliver precision pressure measurement for field, plant or lab use. For reference indication and shirt Digital Pressure Meterpocket convenience, select the low cost M104 Digital Manometer with its +/- 0.25% FS accuracy. Or upgrade to +/- 0.10% FS accuracy and additional features normally found on higher priced instruments. Both models are available in differential, gauge and absolute pressure versions.

Includes NIST Calibration Certificate. 


• Leak testing for low pressure gas systems
• Pressure drop monitoring across filters
• Monitoring vacuum on condensers or pumps
• Verification of CPAP or BIPAP systems for home or hospital settings


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