BC Biomedical Contrast Media Injector (CMI) Kit - BC20-35210

BC Biomedical Contrast Media Injector (CMI) Kit - BC20-35210

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The BC20-35210 Contrast Media Injector (CMI) Kit contains a 30 various pieces of test equipment, tools and accessories that are necessary to test a wide variety of CMI Systems. 
All components are stored in a high impact, FAA carry-on size pelican case with wheels, extending handle and custom foam.

It is specifically designed for use with the following systems:

• Illumen
• Stellant
• Solaris
• Provis/MKV+
• Envision
• CT9000
• OPTI Vantage DH

The CMI Kit Includes:

• Digital pressure gauge assembly
• Digital timer with cable assembly
• Digital timer Cable Assembly
• Pressure gauge add-on, Illumena
• Orifice adapters (Set of three Each)
• Plunger position cal tool
• Graduated cylinder
• Pressure testing jig
• Service key
• Start switch lock
• Fiber Optics Testing/Bypass Cable
• Non-Ferrous adjustable wrench
• Calibrations tweaker
• Non-Ferrous #2 Phillips
• Non-Ferrous 3/16" Slotted
• Non-Ferrous 1/8" Slotted
• Phillips Screwdriver for head covers
• Heavy duty grease
• Dielectric lubricant
• Low duty lubricant

The items that make up the Contrast Media Injector (CMI) Kit are also available individually.

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