BestScope Parallel Light Zoom Stereo Microscope BS-3080

BestScope Parallel Light Zoom Stereo Microscope BS-3080

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BS-3080 is a research level zoom stereo microscope with infinite parallel Galileo optical system. Based on Galileo optical system and Apochromatic objective, it can provide real and perfect microscopic images on details. The excellent ergonomics and user-friendly operating system can truly allow users to experience a simple and comfortable work. The Mirror in the base can be 360 ° rotatable to achieve the best observation results. BS-3080 can meet the research demands of life sciences, biomedicine, microelectronics, semiconductors, materials science and other fields of research needs.


Tilting viewing head for comfortable operation.

Tilting viewing head from 5 to 45 degrees, can be flexibly adjusted for different operators with different posture.

Large zoom ratio 12.5:1.

BS-3080 has large zoom ratio of 12.5:1, zoom range from 0.8X to 10X, with click stop for main magnifications, the images remain clear and smooth during zoom magnifying.

Apochromatic objective.

Apochromatic design has significantly improved the color reproduction of the objective. Correcting the axial chromatic aberration of red/green/blue/purple, and converge them on a focal plane, the objective is able to present the real color of the samples. 2X apochromatic objective is optional.

Aperture diaphragm adjustment.

Shift the aperture diaphragm lever in front of the microscope to adjust depth of field for high-quality image.


BS-3080 has great value in a variety of applications such as life science and medical research, including dissection, IVF, biological experiment, chemical analysis and cell culture. It also can be used in Industrial areas for PCB, SMT surface, electronics inspection, semiconductor chip inspection, metal and materials testing, precision parts testing. coin collecting, gemology and gemstone setting, engraving, repair and inspection of small parts.





Optical System

Infinite Parallel Galileo Zoom Optical System

Viewing Head

Tilting trinocular viewing head, 5-45 degree adjustable; binocular: trinocular= 100:0 or 0:100; interpupillary distance 50-76mm; fixed eyepiece tube with lock screw

30 degree inclined trinocular head; binocular: trinocular=50: 50; interpupillary distance 50-76mm; fixed eyepiece tube with lock screw


High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10×/23mm, diopter adjustable

High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15×/16mm, diopter adjustable

High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL20×/12.5mm, diopter adjustable

Zoom Range

Zoom range: 0.8X-10X, click stop for 0.8×, 1×, 1.5×, 2×, 3×, 4×, 5×, 6×, 8×, 10×, with built-in aperture diaphragm


Plan Apochromatic Objective 1×, W.D.: 78mm

Plan Apochromatic Objective 2×, W.D.: 20mm

Zoom Ratio

1: 12.5

Focusing Unit

Coarse and fine coaxial focus system, integrated body with focus holder, coarse range: 50mm, fine precision 0.002mm


Plan base with transmitted illumination (work with external 5W LED fiber); built-in 360 degree rotatable mirror, location and angle adjustable


5W LED light box (size: 270×100×130mm) with single fiber (500mm), color temperature 5000-5500K; operating voltage 100-240VAC/50-60Hz, output 12V

LED Ring light

Camera Adapter

0.35×/0.5×/0.65×/1× C-mount adapters

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional

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