BestScope Motorised Automatic Biological Microscope BS-2085

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BS-2085 motorized automatic biological microscopes have been designed to present a safe, comfortable and precision observation experience. The motorized nosepiece, X-Y stage, condenser and auto focusing will make your works easier. The software has motion controlling, depth of field fusion, objective lens switching, brightness controlling, auto focusing, area scanning, image stitching, 3D imaging functions. Semi-APO objectives and B, G, U, V, R fluorescent filters are available for BS-2085F fluorescent automatic biological microscope. With perfectly performed structure, high-definition optical image and ergonomical operations, BS-2085/FMA realize professional analysis and meet all the needs of research in biological, medical, life science and other fields.



  1. Adopt stepper motor and screw driving mode.
  2. Tilting Trinocular Head.
  3. Motorized Objective Change.
  4. Nosepiece Rotating Buttons.
  5. Motorized Swing-out Condenser.
  6. Light Intensity Management.
  7. 6-Position Turret for fluorescent filter blocks.
  8. Can be controlled by the control handle and controller, also can be controlled by software.



This motorized automatic microscope is an ideal instrument in biological, histological, pathological, bacteriology, immunizations and pharmacy field and can be widely used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, academic laboratories, colleges and universities.







Optical System

NIS60 Infinite Color Corrected Optical System

Viewing Head

Ergo Tilting Trinocular Head, adjustable 0-35° inclined, interpupillary distance 47mm-78mm; splitting ratio Eyepiece:Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, 30° inclined, interpupillary distance: 47mm-78mm; splitting ratio Eyepiece:Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100

Seidentopf Binocular Head, 30° inclined, interpupillary distance: 47mm-78mm


Super wide field plan eyepiece SW10X/25mm, diopter adjustable

Super wide field plan eyepiece SW10X/22mm, diopter adjustable

Extra wide field plan eyepiece EW12.5X/17.5mm, diopter adjustable

Wide field plan eyepiece WF15X/16mm, diopter adjustable

Wide field plan eyepiece WF20X/12mm, diopter adjustable


N-PLN Plan Objective

N-PLN 2X/NA=0.06, WD=7.5mm

N-PLN 4X/NA=0.10, WD=30mm

N-PLN 10X/NA=0.25, WD=10.2mm

N-PLN 20X/NA=0.40, WD=12mm

N-PLN 40X/NA=0.65, WD=0.7mm

N-PLN 100X(Oil)/NA=1.25, WD=0.2mm

N-PLN 50X(Oil)/NA=0.95, WD=0.19mm

N-PLN 60X/NA=0.80, WD=0.3mm

N-PLN-I 100X (Oil, with Iris Diaphragm)/ NA=0.5-1.25, WD=0.2mm

N-PLN PH Plan Phase Contrast Objective

N-PLN PH 10X/NA=0.25, WD=10.2mm

N-PLN PH 20X/NA=0.40, WD=12mm

N-PLN PH 40X/NA=0.65, WD=0.7mm

N-PLN PH 100X(Oil)/NA=1.25, WD=0.2mm

N-PLFN Plan Semi-apochromatic Fluorescent Objective

N-PLFN 4X/NA=0.13, WD=17.2mm

N-PLFN 10X/NA=0.30, WD=16.0mm

N-PLFN 20X/NA=0.50, WD=2.1mm

N-PLFN 40X/NA=0.75, WD=1.5mm

N-PLFN 100X(Oil)/NA=1.4, WD=0.16mm



Motorized Backward Sextuple Nosepiece (with DIC slot)


Swing-out type condenser N.A.0.9/0.25(Auto)

Turret Phase Contrast Condenser

Dark-field Condenser (Dry), used for objectives lower than 100X

Dark-field Condenser (Oil), used for 100X objective

Transmitted Illumination

3W S-LED lamp, center pre-set, intensity adjustable

12V/100W halogen lamp, center pre-set, intensity adjustable


Motorized auto focusing, fine division 0.1μm, Max. speed 10 r/s, moving range: 30mm


Motorized double layers mechanical stage, size 275 X 239 X 44.5 mm; moving range 125mmX75mm (X-Y); precision: 0.1μm, Max. Speed: 20mm/s


10X DIC Objective Lens

20X DIC Objective Lens

Polarizer for DIC Kit

DIC insert plate(10X/20X), can be inserted into the DIC slot on nosepiece

DIC insert plate(40X/100X) can be inserted into the DIC slot on nosepiece

DIC Turret Condenser

Reflected fluorescence illuminator

Turret with 6 filter block cubes position, with iris field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, central adjustable; with filter slot and polarizing slot; with fluorescence filters (B,G fluorescent filters).

B1, U, V, R fluorescent filters

100W mercury lamp house, filament center and focus adjustable; with reflected mirror, mirror center and focus adjustable.

Digital power controller, wide voltage 100-240VAC

ND6/ND25 Filter

Control Handle

3D control handle, 4 gears speed


Communication interface: USB2.0 and RS232

Other Accessories

0.5X C-mount Adapter

USB3.0 Digital camera(5.0MP, Sony IMX250, 2/3” CMOS sensor, 35fps@2448×2048)

1X C-mount Adapter

Dust Cover

Power Cord

Cedar Oil 5ml

Simple Polarizing kit

Calibration slide 0.01mm

Multi Viewing Attachment for 2/3/5/7/10 person

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional

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