Ametek Powervar 3400 Series UPS

Ametek Powervar 3400 Series UPS

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Imagine power protection that keeps your business running continuously, at peak efficiency, with lower costs, and remote system monitoring – all within one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Powervar's 3400 Series Three-Phase UPS does just that.

Designed to meet the uptime demands of mid-sized mission-critical facilities, the 3400 boasts the latest IGBT technology and 96.3% efficiency (AC to DC). The space-saving design translates to more data center space, additional computer racks, and overall operational savings.


  • The most advanced three-step IGBT's in the industry
  • 300% overload capacity - sustain for 240 msec online
  • High-efficiency rate, up to 96.3%
  • Product sizes range from 80 kVA to 125 kVA
  • Wide input voltage range: +15 / -20%
  • Convenient front access for serviceability
  • Remotely monitor and manage UPS with integrated SNMP network card and Modbus
  • All models are UL and cUL listed
  • Two-year warranty (includes batteries)


  • Matching Transformer Cabinets
  • Matching Extended Battery Cabinets
  • Matching Maintenance Bypass System Cabinets
  • DC Disconnects
  • Wall- mounted external Maintenance Bypass Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Panel (RMP)
  • Power Distribution


3400 Series Systems Specifications 

Model Input-Output
Voltage (VAC)
Efficiency Size (in.)
(H x W x D)
Shipping Weight (lbs.) Specifications
80kVA 480-480 96.3% 27.5 x 32 x 71 882 View File
100kVA 480-480 96.3% 27.5 x 32 x 71 882 View File
125kVA 480-480 96.3% 27.5 x 32 x 71 882 View File

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