Ametek Powervar Security II Rackmount Medical UPM

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If you think a UPS is the ultimate in power protection, we’ve got some news for you: Our Security II Rackmount Medical UPM, or Uninterruptible Power Manager, performs functions which your UPS never dreamed of.

Why settle for backup power alone when the AMETEK Powervar Security II Rackmount Medical UPM lets you protect your equipment from all power viruses? Thanks to its low impedance isolation transformer, this UPM delivers clean, fully conditioned power which is free from noise, voltage spikes and common-mode disturbances. If the power goes out, backup power is only one of the many benefits you will receive.
  • All North American models have UL and cUL listings. International models are safety-agency listed and carry the CE mark.
  • Product sizes range from 700 VA to 1440 VA
  • 0.9 Output power factor with true sine-wave output
  • Low impedance isolation transformer and line interactive operation
  • UL60601 3rd Edition with Risk Assessment
  • UL 1778 5th Edition
  • True VA Management
  • Advanced SNMP Communication Capability
  • User-Friendly GUI Interface and Diagnostics
  • Auto Battery Test and User hot-swappable battery (non medical units only)
  • Meets FCC Class A (optional Class B available)
  • Meets NEMA, FAA, and DOT guidelines for transportation of UPS batteries

Let through voltage is less than 10 volts normal mode and less than 0.5 volts neutral-to-ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41

POWERVAR’S five-year warranty (two-year on batteries) on parts and labor provides complete peace of mind.


International Systems Specifications

Model Input-Output
Voltage (VAC)
Size (mm.)
(H x W x D)
        Spec Sheets

ABCE702-22R 59070-28R

230-230 700

525.77 x 438.23 x 86

27 Security II RM 700VA Medical INT A03-00402_RevC

ABCE1002-22RMED 59100-28R

230-230 1000 525.77 x 438.23 x 86 30 Security II RM 1000VA Medical INT A03-00406_RevC

ABCE1442-22RMED 59144-28R

230-230 1440 525.77 x 438.23 x 86 35 Security II RM 1440VA Medical INT A03-00410_RevD

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