Vacuum Gauge - 30" Hg Analog - 232.54/30-4"

Vacuum Gauge - 30" Hg Analog - 232.54/30-4"

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Size: 4"
Range: 30 inHG
Accuracy: ± 1% of span (ASME B40.100 Grade 1A)
Working Pressure: Steady: full scale value, Fluctuating: 90% of full scale value, Short time: 130% of full scale value
Pressure Connection Mount: 1/2” NPT
Note that the photo in this product listing is generic and does not represent the exact details of this version.

This gauge is suitable for most process medias that are compatible with 316 SS. wetted parts and are not prone to clogging the gauge's pressure system. SS case can be ordered liquid filled to dampen the pointer and lubricate movement. This gauge can also be Oxygen cleaned for an additional fee. Bayonet-type bezel ring allows easy access to gauge movement for recalibration or pointer adjustment.

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