Patient Simulator - 10 Lead ECG - w/Arrhs, Temp & IBP - PS-2110

Patient Simulator - 10 Lead ECG - w/Arrhs, Temp & IBP - PS-2110

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The Model PS-2110 is a microprocessor-based patient simulator. It provides ECG, blood pressure, respiration and temperature simulation. There are 12 arrhythmias, a pacemaker rhythm, a fetal/maternal rhythm, seven waveforms with constant QRS duration and 12 machine performance testing waveforms. The PS-2110 makes viewing and selecting the desired waveforms and parameters quick and intuitive, with all operational information being available at one time on a cursor-based graphic display. Easily scroll through options and configure parameters.   Holter simulation


• Graphic display with simultaneous, detailed status of parameters
• Drop down choice screens list all options for parameters
• Special power up feature allows the user to choose to use default, last or custom settings
• Auto sequences for BPM, static-pressure levels and performance
• 10 universal patient lead connectors
• Mini-DIN connector for BP cables
• Two 9 volt batteries power
• % battery life display
• Low battery indicator
• Available battery eliminator
• Display backlight
• Flash programmable for upgrades

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