Data Logger for Dual Temperatures -DSR-TT

Data Logger for Dual Temperatures -DSR-TT

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· Original medical probes being resistant to low temperature and free of toxicity and halogen
· Dual temperature channels for simultaneously monitoring of double-door refrigerators
· Original fittings for sensor connection, ensures 100,000 plugs
· Support single DSR connecting to PC via USB interface, and multiple DSR grouped in RS485 or LAN networking for central management
· Suitable for refrigerator, cold storage, refrigerator cars, constant temperature box, cold-chain cargo and other applications


Measuring Data

T1 Measuring Range -45℃~105℃
T1 Accuracy ±0.5℃(-45℃~70℃) / ±0.6℃(70℃~105℃)
T1 Resolution 0.1℃ / 0.2 ℉
T2 Measuring Range -45℃~105℃
T2 Accuracy ±0.5℃(-45℃~70℃) / ±0.6℃(70℃~105℃)
T2 Resolution 0.1℃/0.2 ℉


Memory Size 10,918[A] / 21,840[B] / 180,000[C] / 360,000[D]values
Alarm High level and low level, display+beep+backlight
Sampling Interval 2s、5s、10s、30s、60s、255s
Logging Interval 2seconds~24hours
Start with Delay Time 1~120s
Start Mode Start immediately / Time-lapse start / Timing start
End Mode Full / FIFO / Presetting units / Timing end
Timing Start / End Random start / End with format YYMMDD HHMMSS
Storage Temperature -50℃~90℃
ESD Protection ±25KV
Interface RS232 / RS485[R] / USB[U] / LAN[L] / Wireless [W、B、Z、F、G]
Battery 3.6V lithium battery ×1
Battery Lifetime Typical 1year (with a sample rate of 10 seconds),5 years (in sleep mode)
RTC Battery CR2032
Clock Accuracy <12 mins/year
External voltage 5~24V DC
IP Class IP54

Sensing Probe

Model Original low temperature resistant probe
Dimensions 5×6×14.5mm
Wire 2×4×3000mm,low-temperature and corrosion resistant

General Feature

Dimensions 123×117.3×33.4mm
Display Area 66×42mm
Housing ABS+PC,flame-retardant,toxicity and halogen free
Weight 345g

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