Cosview iView TV Digital Camera - USB DCAM

Cosview iView TV Digital Camera - USB DCAM

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iView USB DCam was designed for special industry application tool, it is a high speed, high definition and true color CMOS camera.It does NOT request any additional image acquisition equipment to capture AVI video and picture.Fully compatible windows OS,USB2.0 high speed to 480Mb,applicable to a variety of computer image acquisition applications.It also provides a powerful video applications.

Varied applications:
Static image acquisition:

  • Character recognition 
  • Medical Image Acquisition 
  • Paper and E-document making 
  • Entertainment Imaging 
  • Beauty contrast imaging 
  • Antique contrast image etc

Dynamic Image Acquisition:

  • Animal and plant anatomy 
  • PCBA and Components inspection 
  • Textile quality control 
  • Medical analysis 
  • Skin, hair testing 
  • Teaching tool 
  • Print quality check 
  • Maintenance  visual aid 
  • Reading aid 
  • Student pilot study 
  • Factory automation  etc.

Product Specifications


MV1301iu(USB Digital Camera)


1/4"CMOS Color sensor

USB controller:

High speed USB2.0


1.3M pixel

Image size:

320(H)x240(V), 640(H)x480(V), 1280(H)x1024(V)

Frame rate:

15fps@1280x1024,30fps@640x480 and 320x240

Optical features:

Gamma Correction: Auto

Numerical Aperture: Auto

Exposure: Auto

White Balance: Auto

Black Reference: Auto

Flicker Avoidance: Auto

Defect Identification: Auto

Color Saturation: Auto

Signal interface:

USB 2.0/1.1


USB5.0V DC Max 0.75w




40mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 54mm(H)

Software Features:

Capture Image

Take Video

Take time lapsed Picture

Additional Cross Line,Scale,Timer


Minimum System requirement:
●Pentium Ⅲ 600MHZ and 256MB RAM Above
●Windows XP SP2/Vista 
●Available USB1.1/2.0 port
●Recommended 17" PC Display


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