BestScope Metallurgical Microscope BS-6060

BestScope Metallurgical Microscope BS-6060

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1. High eye point wide field plan eyepiece.

The eyepiece field of view has been upgrade from traditional 22mm to 25mm and 26.5mm, provide more flat field of view and improve working efficiency. With wider diopter adjustment range and foldable rubber eye guard.

2. Viewing head with multi-splitting ratio.

The viewing head is designed of multiple options for splitting ratio.

(1) Trinocular head with erected image is standard, splitting ratio Binocular: Trinocular=100:0 or 0:100.The moving direction of samples isthe same as observed.

(2) Trinocular head with inverted image is optional, splitting ratio Binocular: Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100. Except for concentrating 100% light to eyepiece tube or camera tube, there is another option with 20% light to eyepiece tube and 80% to camera tube, so that eyepiece observation and image output can be available at the same time.

3. Polarization system.

The polarizer and analyzer in polarization system contribute to eliminate the stray light in semiconductor and PCB detection, image with clear detail is achievable. There are fixed analyzer and rotatable analyzer for option. The sample can be observed at different polarizing angles with 360° rotatable analyzer. Besides, this polarization system can be upgraded to Nomarski differential interference contrast system after installing a new developed DIC attachment.

4.Nomarski differential interference contrast system(DIC).

The weeny asperities on the surface which can not be found in bright field, is able to be detected by using U-DICR attachment to create high contrast stereo relievo effect. It is widely used for testing the electric-conductive particles of LCD, surface scratches of precision disk.

5. Linkage between the neutral density filter and the switch for BF & DF.

The lever in front of illuminator is used to switch between bright field and dark field, and it is in tandem with a neutral density filter (ND50). When you switch from DF to BF, the built-in ND50 filter takes the role to reduce the light intensity. More scientific and more comfortable.

6. Multiple choice for Nose piece.

The new nose piece reduces the angle between the optical axis and the rotating axis to 15°, improving the accuracy of the centering and parfocality, and the appearance is more compact.



BS-6060 is widely used in institutes and laboratories to observe and identify the structure of various metal and alloy, it also can be used in electronics, chemical and instrumentation industry, observe the opaque material and transparent material, such as metal, ceramics, integrated circuits, electronic chips, printed circuit boards, LCD panels, film, powder, toner, wire, fibers, plated coatings, and other non-metallic materials and so on.





Optical System

Infinite Color CorrectedOptical System

Viewing Head

Siedentopf trinocular head, Erect image, 30° inclined, interpupillary distance: 50mm~76mm; splitting ratio Eyepiece:Trinocular=100:0 or 0:100

Siedentopf trinocular head,Inverted image, inclined at 30°, interpupillary distance: 50mm~76mm; splitting ratioEyepiece:Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100


High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/25mm, diopter adjustable

High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/25mm, with reticle, diopter adjustable

High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/26.5mm, diopter adjustable

High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/26.5mm, with reticle, diopter


Bright & Dark FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objective5XNA=0.15WD=13.5mm

Bright & Dark FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives10XNA=0.30WD=9mm

Bright & Dark FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 20XNA=0.50WD=2.5mm

Bright & Dark FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 50XNA=0.80, WD=1.0mm

Bright & Dark FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 100XNA=0.90WD=1.0mm

Bright FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objective5XNA=0.15WD=19.5mm

Bright FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives10XNA=0.30WD=10.9mm

Bright FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 20XNA=0.50WD=3.2mm

Bright FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 50XNA=0.80, WD=1.2mm

Bright FieldSemi-Apochromatic Metallurgical Objectives 100XNA=0.90WD=1.0mm

Nosepiece (with DIC slot)

Bright & DarkQuintuple Nosepiece

Bright & DarkSextuple Nosepiece

Bright Field Sextuple Nosepiece

Bright Field Septuple Nosepiece


Reflected & Transmitted body, low-position coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjustment distance: 25mm; fine precision: 0.001mm. With coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment.

Built-in 100-240V wide voltage transformer, double way power output; intensity adjustable by digital set and reset; switch for reflection and transmission; built-in transmitted filters LBD/ND6/ND25).

Reflected body, coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjustment distance: 25mm; fine precision: 0.001mm. With coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment.


4 inch three layers mechanical stage with glass plate, moving range: 102mm(Y)*105mm(X)


Swing-out type achromatic condenser (N.A.0.9)




BD reflected illuminator with iris field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, central adjustable. With filter slot and polarizing slot. With switch for bright and dark field.


12V/100W halogen lamp house, center pre-set

Other Accessories

Camera adapter: 0.5X focusing C-mount

Fixed polarizer, fixed analyzer, 360°rotatable analyzer

DIC attachment

Interference filters for reflected light

High precision micrometer, scale value 0.01mm

Note: Standard parts  Optional parts

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