BestScope Metallurgical Microscope BS-6010R/TR

BestScope Metallurgical Microscope BS-6010R/TR

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BS-6010R/TR Metallurgical Microscopes are high level metallurgical microscopes with Reflected / Transmitted & Reflected illumination system, they not only can be used to identify and analyze a variety of metals, alloys, non-metallic material and the organizational structure and integrated circuits, but also can be applied to micro-particles, wires, fibers, surface coating such as some of the surface conditions. Digital cameras can be added to the trinocular tube to take images and make image analysis.


1.Infinite optical system provides excellent optical functions.

2.Laboratory metallurgical microscope, including bright field, dark field, polarization and DIC observation system.

3.Powerful transmitted and reflected system with Kohler illumination.

4.Ideal instrument for industry inspection and science research.


BS-6010R/TR is widely used in institutes and laboratories to observe and identify the structure of various metal and alloy, it also can be widely used in electronics, chemical and instrumentation industry, observe the opaque material and transparent material, such as metal, ceramics, integrated circuits, electronic chips, printed circuit boards, LCD panels, film, powder, toner, wire, fibers, plated coatings, and other non-metallic materials and so on.






Optical System

Infinite Optical System

Viewing Head

Siedentopf binocular viewing head, inclined at 30°, interpupillary distance48-75mm

Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°, interpupillary distance48-75mm

Extra Wide Field Eyepiece


WF10×/22mm Eyepiece with scale of cross hair



Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective

5×/0.12/∞/- (BF&DF)       LWD 10mm

10×/0.25/∞/- (BF&DF)      LWD 10mm

20×/0.40/∞/0 (BF&DF)      LWD 5.0mm

50×/0.75/∞/0 (BF&DF)      LWD 1.3mm

100×/0.90(Dry)/∞/0 (BF&DF)   LWD 0.7mm

40×/0.65/∞/0.17 (BF)       WD 0.6mm

100×/1.25/∞/0.17 (BF)      WD 0.16mm


Backward quintuple nosepiece


Double layer mechanical stage 216×150mm, Moving range 78×54mm

Double layer mechanical stage 188×148mm, Moving range 78×54mm


Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, fine division 2μm, moving range 30mm

Kohler Illumination

Reflected 12V/50W Halogen light, Center and brightness adjustable

Transmitted 12V/20W Halogen light, Center and brightness adjustable

Polarizer and analyzer

DIC attachment

Green, Gray and ground glass filter


Specimen Presser

Photo Adapter(Used to connect DSLR camera to the microscope)

0.5×Video adapter with C-mount

Stage Micrometer 0.01mm

Note: Standard parts, Optional parts

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