ARTIST Temperature and Humidity Plus Weather Reporter

ARTIST Temperature and Humidity Plus Weather Reporter

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· Large LCD with wide view angle
· Ergonomic design
· High accuracy measurement
· High or low limit alarm
· MAX / MIN / AVG query
· Weather forecast
· Ultra low power design with single Li-polymer battery

Measuring Data

T Measuring Range -20℃~70℃
T Accuracy ±0.3℃(23℃±2℃), full scale ±0.5℃
T Resolution 0.1℃/0.2 ℉
RH Measuring Range 0%~100%RH
RH Accuracy ±3%RH(10%~85%RH),other range ±5%RH(Testing Environment 23℃±2℃),±2%RH(High-precision version)
RH Resolution 0.1%RH
P Measuring range 500.0~1100.0hPa
P Accuracy ±1.5hPa
P Resolution 0.1hPa
Weather Forecast Area 15km around
Forecast Time Next 6~12hrs


Sampling Interval 5s
Most Value Period Within 12hrs
Storage Temperature -50℃~90℃
ESD Protection ±25KV
Interface Mini USB
Battery Li-polymer 1200mAh
Battery Lifetime 400days for single recharge(200 cycles for battery life)
Clock Accuracy <12 mins/year
Clock Feature Auto adjustable
IP Class IP50

Sensing Probe

Model NTC / RTD / Digital Sensor

General Feature

Dimensions 100×151×14.5mm
Housing ABS+PC,flame-retardant,toxicity and halogen free
Display Area 116×78mm
Weight 200g

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