Newsletter March: TrippLite Medical TCP Ethernet Isolator

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Isolate medical devices on a data network line to protect patients from dangerous leakage currents.
  • Isolates harmful leakage currents on a data network to protect patients and equipment
  • Meets IEC 60601-1 for use in patient care vicinities
  • Works with cost-effective, readily available Cat6 cables
  • Plug and play; does not require software, drivers or a power supply
  • Complies with TAA requirements
  • 1-year limited warranty
TAA compliant RoHS compliant


Isolate Medical Equipment on an Ethernet Network to Enhance Patient Safety
Tripp Lite's N234-MI-1005 medical Ethernet isolator protects staff, patients and medical technology equipment in patient care vicinities from dangerous leakage currents that can travel through a copper-based Ethernet network. It effectively isolates medical equipment to protect patients, yet allows data to flow at Gigabit Ethernet speeds.
Comply with IEC 60601-1 for Use in the Patient Care Vicinity
The N234-MI-1005 complies with IEC 60601-1 and EMC/IEC 60601-1-2 safety standards for a network connection between a medical device and an Ethernet network or non-medical device (PC or laptop). Because it meets IEC 60601-1 standards, this medical network isolator can be used in patient care vicinities. For example, you can use this 60601-1 network isolator in the connection between a clinic’s network and the PC of a prolonged EEG system. (Note: You can only connect network components that comply with IEEE 802.3 or IEEE 802.3ab. You cannot connect telecommunication appliances, voltage supplies or similar devices).
Install In-Line on an Ethernet Network
This Ethernet network isolator has two RJ45 ports and acts as a coupler, joining two tested and approved Cat6 cables to complete the connection between compatible medical equipment and a computer or data network. Because the cables are removable, you can replace a failed cable without replacing the isolator. Completely plug and play, this RJ45 isolator does not require software, drivers or a power supply.

Typical Applications

  • Isolate medical equipment connected to an Ethernet network to protect patients in patient care vicinities
  • Connect an EMG measuring station with an analysis computer in a doctor’s consulting room
  • Connect the PC of a prolonged EEG system to a clinic’s network


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